What to Buy Your Bestie That Went and Got All Pregnant

New job? Here’s some alcohol.

Another birthday? Here’s some alcohol.

Successfully bounced from a hellish first date? Here’s some alcohol.

You don’t have to worry if it fits, and she doesn’t care if she already has the same thing at home. Why? Ummm, it’s alcohol. It’s the perfect gift. It has, does and will ALWAYS work.

Until that bitch gets pregnant.

Whaddya mean pineapple infused vodka is a no-go while you’re making a human? Ugh.

Well it’s time to think outside the wine box. Looks like for the next 9 months you’re gonna have to gift your bestie with something other than a 6 pack. Here’s some of our fave ideas:


She’s gonna be like way extra hormonal. You know when you’re PMSing super hard and you want to murder people and sob uncontrollably when there’s not enough cilantro in your taco? Ya, pregger people are like that but on LSD. Get that baby maker some flowers. Deliver them to her work so she feels extra fucking special too. Don’t get her some sort of basic grocery store or 1-800-BULLSHIT, go get her some brag-worthy creation at No 9 Floral –  Chocolates – Gifts. Who wouldn’t want something as ridiculously pretty as this in their face?


Pregnant bitches love snacks. I mean I’m not even pregnant and I am in a legit serious relationship with snacks. We’ve made it to second base. (Don’t ask) GIRL get her something that’s ridiculous cute and super fucking yummy. Okay, so basically I’ve described everything at 2tarts Bakery. Look at these macarons. OMG! You can give her something that tricks her into thinking you’re excited about her baby AND she can stick them all in her purse and binge eat them later when she’s freaking out about saving for college.


Even though you think she’s adorable AF with her baby belly, she’s not always going to feel that way. You’re going to think she looks like Beyonce doing magical baby flips under the water in a sea of chiffon…BUT she’s gonna feel like fat Val Kilmer dipped in mayo. Get her something to pair up with her preggo-wear that makes her feel as gorgeous as you see her. Something super bright and fun is ALWAYS perfect and can ALWAYS be found at The Girl General. These otomi bags are everything your greasy Val pal could ever want:


Oh we know we typed cider. Girl, this is when you just “fake it to take it.” Oh, you accidentally brought booze to the baby shower? What? It’s like juice bish! It literally says “apple” on the can. Oooops guess you’ll just have to take that 6 pack of Bishop Cider home and enjoy it by yourself. Oh I’m so sorry. Can’t wait to meet the baby though.


Truly Living the Happy Camper Life

We’ve discovered over the years that we attract a certain type of woman at camp. They all happen to have this one thing in common…this similar trait.

We freaking LOVE them.

Our campers come from all over, have all different personalities, and introduce us to so many amazing things. We literally fall in love with them year after year. Today we’re girl crushing on Amy, owner and creative genius behind From Scratch Farm.

Although we go CRAY over Amy’s goodies like her Healing Salve, Lip Balms, and sent from what can only be some sort of magical birthday suit loving realm itself Body Scrub…today we’re LEGIT crushing over her new vintage camper, Betty The Wandering Can.”

Amy purchased Betty from her owner this past July and is giving her the ultimate makeover. She’s started documenting her process and travels  and we are SO along for the ride. Join us in following the adventures of The Wandering Can!


Meet Your Fall 2017 Camp Counselors!

There’s an awesome camp, and then there’s a fucking fab-tas-terrific camp. What’s the difference? What’s the secret sauce? Who’s the grrl behind the curtain?! It’s our Camp Drunken Arrow camp counselors! These bad bitches are ridiculously amazing and harbor triple the amount of excitement that you have for CDA.

GIRL, and you thought that wasn’t even possible.

As you’re probably aware, 512 Brewing is one of our BFF Sponsors this year. We asked our counselors which 512 Brew they’d order at the bar with their franz…

jana (4)


Copy of jana (6)




jana (5)






**Which (512) beer would you choose? Share this post and let us know!


5 Things You Need To Trash Before Camp


If there’s one thing I know it’s that bacon makes everything better. Wait, totally off topic. Okay if there are TWO things I know it’s that bacon is the shiz and that every CDA camper wants to have the time of her life at camp. Honestly, we’re a pretty kick-ass camp, so the “time of her life” part is  pretty fucking easy.

However, if a camper wants to guarantee their optimal kick-ass-ness level, they’re gonna need to trash a few things before camp. Purge before the surge ladies. Here’s five things every camper needs to get rid of before camp…

1. Inhibitions

GIRL, drop ’em like it’s hot. Who wants to be “inhibited?” That literally sounds terrible. It sounds like some sort of dungeon. Some sort of rat cage. Some sort of too tight sports bra.

2. Misconceptions

Camp is too wild for me. I’m not the type of girl that gets along with other girls. These people are crazy. Is this like a cult? This is like some trap isn’t it? OMG do we have to burn our bras? This is a $45 bra.

3. Judgement

Do not judge lest ye be that judgy bitch. Life is way more stressful if you’re worried about other peoples’ shit. You do you boo & let others do them too.

4. Fear

They don’t bite. They’re not judging you. They don’t have cooties & they are SO MUCH LIKE YOU. Girl, there’s no reason to be afraid. Camp is pure awesome. That’s like being afraid of tacos. That’s just weird.


Yes, your co-worker can pull off NOT screwing everything up while you’re gone. Yes, your husband can manage to find his wallet & keys. Yes, your mother can keep your kids alive, even with a diet of Oreos & Capri Sun.


You’ve heard of a packing list? GIRL this is your UN-packing list.

While you’re at it (un-packing inhibitions, misconceptions, judgment, fear & guilt)…check out our BFF Sponsor Love Shack Boutique. Shop for that body yo mama gave ya!


The 6 Emotional Stages You Go Thru Registering for Camp

Over the years we’ve discovered there are some common emotions that every potential camper rolls through while making one of the most important decision of their lives…SHOULD I GO TO CAMP? Most important? Well, we’re kinda bias here. Are you trying to figure out if you should make the plunge? What emotional stage are you at? Keep reading to find out…

1. curiosity

A camp for women? Hmmm, I wonder what they do there. Is this like a cult? Is this legit? Is it actually fun? Will they make me write letters to my parents? Do people really do this?

2. interest

Dude, they have crafts and mimosas? OMG a flip cup tournament?  Those shirts are super cute. Is that a unicorn hula hooping? SHUT UP, there’s like a flag and everything?

3. doubt

Are these pictures real? Can all these women really get along? Maybe the unicorn is photo-shopped. Or the hula hoop. Shit, I don’t even know.

4. eff it

Fuck it, I’m gonna do it. Jess will totally sign up with me. Fuck it, I’m signing her up too.

5. overwhelming excitement

OMG I’m actually going to Camp Drunken Arrow! I wonder what the theme party will be. How did they know I love them parties? Let’s make shirts! Let’s buy some swag! Let’s rub it in Margo’s face that she hasn’t signed up yet! How is EVERYONE not going?!

6. total impatience

How many more days? 226? What the…that’s too long! I’ve looked through every single Instagram photo and liked every single one. Do they think I’m a stalker? OMG I don’t even care. I’m putting a countdown on my phone. I’m having these weird dreams about camp. Is this normal??

Did you figure out what emotional stage you’re in? If you’re in stages 1-3 JUMP to stage 4 by registering today. Stages 4-6 are so.much.freaking.fun. 

Total impatience HERE WE COME.


*If your impatience needs needs a little bit of nibbles to keep you from going hangry, plan a little mini-vacay at The Texas Bell Glamping. The Texas Bell is a luxuriously decorated glamping spot, complete with AC, a fireplace, full shower and tons of cute & personal amenities.

Check out The Texas Bell!

Camp Drunken Arrow received compensation (in the form of prizes) in exchange for writing this blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty remarks are our own. This post contains sponsor links.


5 Things I Wish I Knew as a Rookie Camper

When we started this camp fice years ago, we NEVER imagined it would turn into the massive bucket of awesomeness it is today. We’ve gone from 20 campers, to 40, to 70, to 140 and now to 280 campers a year! GIRL, that’s cray. We haven’t just taken this journey by ourselves either. Each year, we have a growing group of Alumni that keep coming back and keep rocking the ever loving ish out of Camp Drunken Arrow. First year campers, known fondly as Rookies, are often way excited, way nervous, and WAY full of questions. While our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year Alumni campers seem to walk in to camp with a swagger. Why? They know what’s up. If they could all go back to their first year Rookie camper selves, these are just a handful of things they’d bust out on the DL.

1. No One Is Going to Literally Haze You

We are all way too busy having the best time of our lives to worry about giving you a perma-wedgie or putting toothpaste on your face. Also, we’re grown-ass women, duh.

2. We Don’t Give a Fuck About Small Talk

You can skip the part about the weather, how much you “love” your boss, and your kid being on a new kale kick. Get to the good shit. You’re weird. We all are. Let it out.

3. No One Is Judging You

It’s actually our numero uno rule at camp. It’s what we’re all about. Let your freak flag fly girl.

4. No. You Don’t Have to Actually Be Drunk

Proof? The preggos we’ve seen twerking in the past. You do you boo. You can make bad decisions in any frame of mind…and bad decisions made good stories.

5. Be Prepared to Make Actual Real Life Fucking Friends

This is going to happen. Whether you like it or not. #SorryNotSorry

If you’re an Alumni and know this shit is spot on, share this post with a Rookie or a wanna-be camper! No need to be nervous ladies…you got this. peace, love & Camp!

***It’s not just the campers that make best friends. Each year we pair up with Sponsor BFF’s that have the same vibe and type of tribe that CDA loves. This year one of our new best of the besties is our Title Sponsor Bishop Cider. All of their ciders are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made by Texans. They are currently available across all of Texas. To find the locations nearest you- Cider Finder.

Check out Bishop Cider today!

Camp Drunken Arrow received compensation (in the form yummy AF cider) in exchange for writing this blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty remarks are our own. This post contains sponsor links.

How to Make More Time for Mimosas and Karaoke

Wanna spend less time WORKing and more time WERKing?

GIRL. Us too.

Honestly the only way to make more time for the actual shit you love doing is to become more efficient with all your boring adult responsibilities.

How dafuq do you pull that off? Girl, you best get organized. Spending just a little bit of time planning your shit out gives you WAY more time to get into all sorts of trouble with your best franz.

And GIRL, if you’re gonna get organized you might as well do it with the most FREAKING ADORABLE planner EVER.

Our BFF Sponsor, 2tarts Bakery is now carrying ban.do agendas!



<<<<Mmmkay, we can totally see you drooling. We give you permission to go forth and be fucking adorably organized.>>>>



Camp Drunken Arrow received compensation (in the form of prizes & goody bag swag for campers) in exchange for writing this blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty remarks are our own. This post contains sponsor links.