TWO sisters. ONE totally wild idea.

“Hey Charly…let’s rent out this super-rad campground, get weird, be awesome & invite all our girl-franz.”

“Hell ya Brandi…I’m SO in!”

And that’s all she wrote. Or texted. That’s all she texted didn’t exactly have the same ring to it.

Since the birth of that one totally wild idea, Camp Drunken Arrow has taken on a life of it’s own and expanded in ways these two sisters never thought possible! So what the what exactly is Camp Drunken Arrow?

CDA is everything you loved at summer camp + lack of inhibitions + new lifelong franz+ camp pledge + camp flag + grown ass women only + the bestest crafts + glamping teepes + treehouse cabins + yoga & mimosas + drama free camp zone + daytime activities + badass bitches + camp competitions + yummy treats + megaphones + frito pie + fire pits + smores + raunchy camp songs + fanfuckingtastic counselors + dress up + no bitching + camp awards + well, everything you loved about summer camp just add alcohol & massive amounts of estrogen. (Camp Drunken Arrow is 21+, and for women only)

Charly Pope, Co-Founder + Younger Sister

Hi ya’ll! I’m Charly and I live in Austin, TX working as an Event Manager at a downtown restaurant. I want to cry and pee myself every time I think about planning CDA with Brandi! It’s my favorite project to work on all year! I have always loved planning a fun party! Any time someone has a birthday, or a celebration of any kind, I love to find a way to add a theme, make it wild and make it special. My mother used to plan stage productions and I think that’s where I fell in love with costumes and the backstage, production side of events!

Brandi Dunagan, Co-Founder + Older Sister

HELLLOOOO CAMPERS! Listen I could literally go on and on with why I psychotically LOVE everything about CDA, but any Alumni Camper knows there’s only ONE reason why I do it. The megaphone. I freaking LOVE yelling glittered kindness at people through a megaphone. Totes kidding. Kind of. Let’s be honest, the REAL reason why I psycho death grip love hug on camp is because of the CAMPERS. It’s tough as sh*t keeping up with girlfriends and making new ones as you get older. CDA solves that. It’s the one place where grown-ass women can get together, be themselves and truly let loose. CDA POR VIDA! Oh wait, was I supposed to tell you more about myself? Let’s see, I love bacon and I have a mole on the inside of my left thigh.