5 Things To Put On Your Body That You Didn’t Even Know Existed

STAHP. Put away the baby oil and BBW “Sweet Pea” scented lotion. You’re a grown ass woman and your bootylicious body needs some “next level ish” for sexy time. We found the most amaze-tits stuff we never even knew EXISTED over at Love Shack Boutique!

Master Series Jizz Scented Lube

WHAT THE WHAT? Okay I know Jizz in a bottle sounds like something you would find in a creeper’s closet, but ummm obvi it’s not! This totes sounds like a way to make a deal. No, you can’t put “that” on my tits, but you can put “this!”

Climax Burst Tingling Water Based Lube 

When have you ever heard someone say, “No thanks, I don’t like warm tingly sensations.” That’s what I thought.

Tighten-Up Shrink Cream 

We’re pretty sure this is what Madonna was talking about.

Cosmic Bear Glow in the Dark Lube 

When I think about you I touch myself…in the dark…with glow in the dark lube…like I’m at a rave…but I’m not…I’m in my room eating a burrito…because I only need one hand.

Boobs-a-licious Nipple Cream

Why, THANK YOU. I take very good care of them.

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