I Totes Love My Pet and Totes Love Yours Too


We know you get psycho love-buggy over some fur and feather babies. OMG us too. We psycho stalk all of our BFF Sponsors because we’re a little bit (okay kind of a lot) in love with them and their presh pets. Wanna love them just as much as we do? Read below…and check out the end of this post on how to help pets affected by Harvey! (<—asshole)

pepper (No. 9 Floral – Chocolates – Gifts)

Name: Pepper Mache
Age/Breed: 6 year old Pug
Likes: silence, anything deep fried, that calming sensation when her nippy titties hit a cold pillow (GIRL WE RELATE)
Dislikes: Morgan Freeman’s freckles, traffic jams, blackheads, lettuce, personal trainer instagram feeds, small talk, loose change,
Dream Job: Asian Empress, ultimately she wants a window ledge, a coiffed wig and a chance to address a crowd like  Eva Peron…but in Asia, because she is Chinese.
Favorite Movie or TV Show: Babe & The Exorcist


This is Scooby. He’s a sun conure that we adopted in January.

He is super fun, cute, social, and LOUD.  (really loud when people ring the doorbell!)

He’s just about every color of the rainbow.

His hatch-day was in June of 2015.  To celebrate when he turned 2, he got his very own mini churro cupcake, that my younger son decorated in bird seed. (We want a churro cupcake!) Sun conures could live over 20 years, so he’ll be with us for a while!

They can learn to whistle certain songs.  And they can learn to say words.  But we haven’t heard Scooby whistle or say anything cool yet. There is one awesome things that he has learned.  He’ll poop on command!  No joke!  If you hold him on your finger over a paper towel or sink… and tell him to poop… he’ll do it!!!!!

His favorite thing is his roadrunner dog toy that I secured in his cage.

He’ll eat anything from your hand that he’s heard you crunching on (peanuts, chips, popcorn, or crackers).  But if you get near him with other types of food, forget it.  Try to feed him a piece of fruit that sun conures are supposed to love… and he runs the other direction, like it’s going to burn him!  😉

He hangs out with us all the time, especially when we’re sitting outside on the patio.

He watched “Paulie” with me the other day.

He loves splashing in his water dish.

I’ll stop rambling.  😉

diego (2tarts BAKERY)

Name: Diego aka #diegocheddarbiscuits (he has his own hashtag; look it up)
Age/Breed: 6 year old Orange Short Hair Tabby
Likes: making biscuits, taking naps on fresh laundry, hunting moths, and posing for photos while listening to jazz. (GIRL, the jazz? Replacing BFF pronto)
Dislikes: meetings before 9am, arrogant mocking birds, talk radio, sharing food and the patriarchy.
Dream Job: Sushi Chef or Fashion Model
Favorite movie or tv show: Aristocats and Ru Paul’s Drag Race

lend a helping hoof!

Tons of animals have been displaced during Hurricane Harvey. Many people with pets have no home to go back to. Many victims of Harvey don’t have the funds right now to feed their pets. YOU CAN HELP! DaisyCares is a non-profit in San Antonio created to provide pet food, medical care to needy pets. Join us and DONATE HERE!





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