Truly Living the Happy Camper Life

We’ve discovered over the years that we attract a certain type of woman at camp. They all happen to have this one thing in common…this similar trait.

We freaking LOVE them.

Our campers come from all over, have all different personalities, and introduce us to so many amazing things. We literally fall in love with them year after year. Today we’re girl crushing on Amy, owner and creative genius behind From Scratch Farm.

Although we go CRAY over Amy’s goodies like her Healing Salve, Lip Balms, and sent from what can only be some sort of magical birthday suit loving realm itself Body Scrub…today we’re LEGIT crushing over her new vintage camper, Betty The Wandering Can.”

Amy purchased Betty from her owner this past July and is giving her the ultimate makeover. She’s started documenting her process and travels  and we are SO along for the ride. Join us in following the adventures of The Wandering Can!


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