5 Things You Need To Trash Before Camp


If there’s one thing I know it’s that bacon makes everything better. Wait, totally off topic. Okay if there are TWO things I know it’s that bacon is the shiz and that every CDA camper wants to have the time of her life at camp. Honestly, we’re a pretty kick-ass camp, so the “time of her life” part is  pretty fucking easy.

However, if a camper wants to guarantee their optimal kick-ass-ness level, they’re gonna need to trash a few things before camp. Purge before the surge ladies. Here’s five things every camper needs to get rid of before camp…

1. Inhibitions

GIRL, drop ’em like it’s hot. Who wants to be “inhibited?” That literally sounds terrible. It sounds like some sort of dungeon. Some sort of rat cage. Some sort of too tight sports bra.

2. Misconceptions

Camp is too wild for me. I’m not the type of girl that gets along with other girls. These people are crazy. Is this like a cult? This is like some trap isn’t it? OMG do we have to burn our bras? This is a $45 bra.

3. Judgement

Do not judge lest ye be that judgy bitch. Life is way more stressful if you’re worried about other peoples’ shit. You do you boo & let others do them too.

4. Fear

They don’t bite. They’re not judging you. They don’t have cooties & they are SO MUCH LIKE YOU. Girl, there’s no reason to be afraid. Camp is pure awesome. That’s like being afraid of tacos. That’s just weird.


Yes, your co-worker can pull off NOT screwing everything up while you’re gone. Yes, your husband can manage to find his wallet & keys. Yes, your mother can keep your kids alive, even with a diet of Oreos & Capri Sun.


You’ve heard of a packing list? GIRL this is your UN-packing list.

While you’re at it (un-packing inhibitions, misconceptions, judgment, fear & guilt)…check out our BFF Sponsor Love Shack Boutique. Shop for that body yo mama gave ya!


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