The 6 Emotional Stages You Go Thru Registering for Camp

Over the years we’ve discovered there are some common emotions that every potential camper rolls through while making one of the most important decision of their lives…SHOULD I GO TO CAMP? Most important? Well, we’re kinda bias here. Are you trying to figure out if you should make the plunge? What emotional stage are you at? Keep reading to find out…

1. curiosity

A camp for women? Hmmm, I wonder what they do there. Is this like a cult? Is this legit? Is it actually fun? Will they make me write letters to my parents? Do people really do this?

2. interest

Dude, they have crafts and mimosas? OMG a flip cup tournament?  Those shirts are super cute. Is that a unicorn hula hooping? SHUT UP, there’s like a flag and everything?

3. doubt

Are these pictures real? Can all these women really get along? Maybe the unicorn is photo-shopped. Or the hula hoop. Shit, I don’t even know.

4. eff it

Fuck it, I’m gonna do it. Jess will totally sign up with me. Fuck it, I’m signing her up too.

5. overwhelming excitement

OMG I’m actually going to Camp Drunken Arrow! I wonder what the theme party will be. How did they know I love them parties? Let’s make shirts! Let’s buy some swag! Let’s rub it in Margo’s face that she hasn’t signed up yet! How is EVERYONE not going?!

6. total impatience

How many more days? 226? What the…that’s too long! I’ve looked through every single Instagram photo and liked every single one. Do they think I’m a stalker? OMG I don’t even care. I’m putting a countdown on my phone. I’m having these weird dreams about camp. Is this normal??

Did you figure out what emotional stage you’re in? If you’re in stages 1-3 JUMP to stage 4 by registering today. Stages 4-6 are 

Total impatience HERE WE COME.


*If your impatience needs needs a little bit of nibbles to keep you from going hangry, plan a little mini-vacay at The Texas Bell Glamping. The Texas Bell is a luxuriously decorated glamping spot, complete with AC, a fireplace, full shower and tons of cute & personal amenities.

Check out The Texas Bell!

Camp Drunken Arrow received compensation (in the form of prizes) in exchange for writing this blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty remarks are our own. This post contains sponsor links.


2 thoughts on “The 6 Emotional Stages You Go Thru Registering for Camp

  1. Melissa Rogers says:

    I absolutely love this post! Haha I just recently started learning about your camp and would love to bring my BFF’s to Texas to attend this! I’m definitely in stage 2! LOVE that y’all created something like this!


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