5 GIRL NO’s for Bachelorette Party Season

*This is a sponsored post that contains sponsor links. But it sure as hell is our own thoughts and opinions.

Is “Bachelorette Party Season” a thing?

If it’s not a thing, we’re declaring it a thing.

It seems like everyone we know is either planning a bachelorette party, getting invited to one, or still hungover from one and digging glitter out of their ass crack and ponytail. Trust us, don’t ask.

Well, we LOVE bachelorette parties! I mean, girl we love ALL parties, but a party just for women that just begs you to go TITS OUT crazy? We are all about it. I mean if you think about it, camp is basically a weekend long bachelorette party, but no one has to get married at the end. (insert high fives) If you’re gonna party like a pro at your girl’s big bash, there ARE some things to keep in mind.

Here are our top 5 “GIRL, NO’s” for Bachelorette Party Season.

1. Getting Way Too Wasted. GIRL, NO.

There’s a fine line we’ve all crossed. It’s somewhere between beers/table dancing and body shots/puking in an alley. Let’s get real, table dancing is WAY more fun that vomiting up those food truck truffle fries.

2. Going Home With a Rando. GIRL, NO.

First off, ummm haven’t you watched CSI/Law & Order/American Crime/Every Fucking Show? This is how you get murdered. And a big fat SECOND, you don’t ditch your girls. You ride or die that shit until the next morning. How else would you be able to Snap everyone’s cab ride karaoke?

3. letting the bride pay for stuff. GIRL, NO.

You all are her Sugar Mama for the night, and you better make it rain. I mean, I’m not talking about paying her electric bill, but please don’t let that girl pay for a drink. Take turns grabbing her bill and don’t Venmo request her for SHIT.

4. being a lame ass. GIRL, NO.

If you aren’t MAKING the party and are just LOOKING for one, you’re doing it wrong. As cheesy as it sounds, fun is seriously what you make it. So, ummm, MAKE IT.

5. having zero party goodies. GIRL, NO.

Listen, we get it. We read all the same articles you do. “Don’t do penis straws.” “Don’t do tiaras or sashes.” “Keep it classy.” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. I’m sorry but I’ve never heard one woman bitch about a penis straw after a few drinks. If she’s shy or worries about what others think too much, wait a couple hours to bust out the goodies. They’re just FUN, and RIDICULOUS, and I’m sorry, I’m not a Princess girl, but I feel fabulous AF in a tiara.

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Camp Drunken Arrow received compensation (in the form of prizes & goody bag swag for campers) in exchange for writing this blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty remarks are our own. This post contains sponsor links.

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