Every Drink for Every Girl Getting Every Thing Done

*This is a sponsored post that contains sponsor links.

2 Tarts Bakery

Fall is almost HERE and we are totally freaking over it. Soon gone are the days when summer keeps trying to show up for a day or two like this party is a come and go. Ummm, no ma’am. This party has a distinct end time and you have drank all the champagne, broke our fave shot glass, and gots-ta-go. Fall is our new bestie. She’s finishing this bottle of rose’ with us, borrowing PJ’s and claiming the guest room tonight.

So why are we all about our new BFF Fall? She’s inspiring AF. Move over sweaty, lazy, bloated (but duh ridiculously fun), “get sh*t done” Fall is HERE. Our fave way to start piling through a to-do list is to do it in a super-inspiring setting, with a drink in hand. No, not booze…that’s our celebration nation drink. I’m talking about whatever your Honey Boo Boo go-go juice is. The drink that puts you in a good place, gives you the productivity vibes you need, and looks super pretty too. (what are we, animals?)

There’s one perfect place you can go to snag that ultra girl boss vibe, sip yo fave drink, and get sh*t done: 2 Tarts Bakery in the heart of New Braunfels. Warning: It’s kind of adorable and you may never leave.

There’s only ONE question you HAVE to answer. What’s  your get sh*t done drink of choice?

*for The frilly & fanciful female that prefers life with a little extra

Your fave way to de-stress is a luxe bath bomb, a candle from a store you still can’t pronounce, and a binge sesh of Big Little Lies on the iPad. Your little luxuries are super important to you and you prefer your coffee to be just as sweet & pretty as you are. You’re fancy AF and have the coordinating accessories to prove it. Order the Iced Caramel Latte, book your next biz flight, and show your email inbox who’s boss around here.

*for The bright-eyed & bushy tailed granola girl who’s a hippie at heart

It’s only 11 in the morning and you’ve already found your emotional center in lotus position, snagged tonight’s dinner ingredients at the farmer’s market, rescued 2 kittens, and belted Erykah Badu so loud that someone ALREADY called Tyrone. Grab yourself a Berry Hibiscus Tea and get on the phone with your long lost college bestie. Today’s the day you’ll convince her to join your volunteer team for the animal rescue. After all, she still owes you for hooking her up with Rayne, that hot Yoga teacher from Portland.

*for The no fuss, no frills, straight up boss who’s on a mission to get sh*t done

Your closet includes ALL colors of the spectrum, as long as the movie is in black and white. Your life is completely predictable, and that’s NOT bumming you out. Routine is your hustle, and norm-core is your grind. Your S.O. plans dates with you 6 weeks in advance, because anything less than that is last freaking minute. You don’t have to order, because the barista knows you’ll be there…at your table…every Thursday morning…at 8:15. Your Black Coffee and Scone are waiting boss.

*for The Lilith Fair loving indie rebel who’s a maker with a cause

Your friends place bets on what color your hair is going to be the next time they see you & you’re the FIRST person they call if they need someone to bounce ideas off of. Your spirit animal is a unicorn and your car most likely has a paintbrush, glitter, and a new thrift store find thrown somewhere in the trunk. Your idea of a good time is a peaceful protest with your girls & you somehow, some way, always end up on the tour bus. You rarely order the same thing twice, and today you’re going with the Dirty Chai, because the hottie in front of you ordered the exact same thing. You’re sending signals…we’re pickin’ up what you’re layin’ down.

*for The picture of productivity Mama Bear, kids in tow, and everywhere to go

Your calendar is some sort of color-coded NASA level language that you can only understand. Between running your business, driving your small people to any of their bajillion activities, and reading that article on self-care that you hope works thru osmosis when you cat-nap on that magazine later…you miraculously find time to pump your body with some caffeine to get you through the next half of your day. You’re carting 3 kids with you to a client coffee meeting and you have ZERO time to mess around. Iced Coffee for the win. Oh, and the closed sale. Boom.

Don’t forget you bribed the kids with milk and cookies.

Never mind, they’ll never let you forget.



Check out 2 Tarts Bakery on their website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram.

Camp Drunken Arrow received compensation (in the form of goody bag swag & yummy breakfast for campers) in exchange for writing this blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty remarks are our own. This post contains sponsor links.

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