Check In Here and Completely Check Out

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Put the keys to the dungeon down.

A. There’s no way you’re going to be able to fit all of them down there. Between your boss, kids, co-workers, that chick on the highway that cut you off, every mansplainer on the interwebs, and your left boob that’s not trying to hold itself up as well as the right (get it together sister), you’re just physically not going to be able to fit all of these people in that small, dark, moldy-ass space they currently deserve to be in.

B. You’ll get like jail time or something. You have zero time on the calendar for jail time. And orange is NOT your color.

C. There’s a better way to deal with this shit.

Treat Yo Self.

Your bestie that’s calling dropping a deuce her “me time.” Ummm, no, that is not “me time.” When life gets you all straight up frazzled and overwhelmed to the maximum, you need some legitimate, no balls about it, “me time.” The best way to do that is ACTUALLY get away. Take a night or two and head out to somewhere remote, cozy, and void of distraction.


Texas Bell Glamping is one of the most absolute perfect places to do this. Conveniently located in the Hill Country nestled between San Antonio and Austin, you literally have no excuse not to jump in the car on a Friday and go “get lost.” I mean seriously, get a load of this place.

Okay, so maybe you’re saying “I have no idea what the hell I would do by myself in the middle of nowhere. Like, what do you even do?”


I have plenty of ideas for this. This is totally what I daydream about daily. Here’s some ideas for you…how to enjoy Texas Bell Glamping on your solo vay-cay.

  1. Make some coffee and sit your juicy backside in one of these chairs overlooking nature and stuff. I’ve seen people do this in movies. They usually randomly laugh or smile with no no one around. You know you TOTALLY want to randomly laugh by your self. (without getting checked in to a not so glamorous hospital against your will)
  2. Sit on the floor right here and just stare at how gorgeous and clean this place is. Take joy in the fact that you did zero to make that happen. This place is just like magically pretty and pristine. Calm down David Blaine of rooms.
  3. Stare at this sign every once in a while. You can really take a moment to reflect on how physically far away everyone in your life is from you right now. I’m so freaking relaxed just thinking about it. You can’t hear anyone complaining from 69 miles away. You can’t even hear them screaming. Trust me.
  4. Have your coffee like a civilized person. In coordinating cups, on a tray, and actually warm. Forget about re-heating the same cup of coffee four freaking times because no one will leave you alone. You have so much time for this coffee. And this coffee has so much time for you. That’s just downright adorable.
  5. Just chill in your tent at night. I mean, look at this photo! What in the magical super world of perfect lighting and warm cozy feelings? I want to be IN THERE!
  6. Relax and have all the wine you want. It’s all yours and your pesky roomie’s grubby little hands are no where near your bottle. That’s not two people drinking together in this photo…that’s you. Those are both of your hands, with two glasses of wine, and you are celebrating all by yourself because you are a MF boss that deserves two glasses of wine at once and don’t you ever forget that I told you to go by yourself and no one is judging you right now because they are so far away. I get excited and talk in run-on sentences when I think about two glasses of wine at once. #SorryNotSorry

Peace, Love & Camp!

Check out Texas Bell Glamping on AirBnB, Instagram & Facebook.

Camp Drunken Arrow received compensation (in the form of prizes for campers & a weekend’s stay) in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and witty remarks are our own. This post contains sponsor links.



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