5 Times You Thought You Were at Camp (OOPS)


It’s quite the understatement to say we have a certain way of “doing things” at camp. Either you’re a die-hard, all-in, best bitches forever camper or…well, you’re not. For some of those die-hards, turning your camper switch off is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Here’s 5 times you went all-in camper on someone.

1. When your bestie straight up just stopped listening to your story half-way through and you grabbed a megaphone to make sure that shit didn’t happen again.


2. When your ex drunk dialed you and you wanted to NOT answer because you didn’t have service BUT you actually DID have service, so you threw your phone in the lake.


3. When your boss confronted you about not being at the staff meeting and you reminded him that the only schedule you’re on is your own and not to disturb you right now because you’re getting drunk and crafting.


4. When your BFF got a promotion so you went to her celebration party and rewarded her with a vibrator.


5. When you tried to lip sync your way out of a traffic ticket.



Not a camper yet? Wanna get in on this action?

REGISTER for Spring 2018 today! 

Total freaking excitement HERE WE COME.


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