Big Grown-Ass Giveaway 2016


CAMPERS! This year we have some really exciting and fun to share with you…we are doing an official Grand Prize Camper giveaway! No, we are not raffling one of you off…but we ARE giving one of you one huge gob of goodies!

Many of our BFF Sponsors donated some pretty kickass gifts, and we have compiled them into the ultimate grab bag. We aren’t sharing the details yet, but only because we are getting so many last minute surprise gifts that we never planned on! You’ll get a chance to check out all the goodies at camp and one camper will walk away with them all!

Now the deets on how to win. We are using “Viralsweep.” You have multiple ways to earn entries, and the winner will be chosen at random. Contest closes Friday October 7th at 11:59pm, and winner will be announced at camp on Saturday October 8th. We haven’t decided what time…because we’re the boss and we can do that. GOOD LUCK!



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