Top Ten Reasons to Get Thee to Camp Drunken Arrow


These are just the top ten. We narrowed this down from a list of 7,520,946. Don’t be lame nuts and not come. Register here!

  1. No bras required. Free flying titties fully encouraged.


  1. Super awesome tipis. Ummm, with AC and heat and queen size beds and HELLO!


  1. Shots and crafting. Because crafting without shots is just crafting.


  1. No inhibitions. Seriously, we have this bucket at the door…no inhibitions allowed.


  1. No penises. Or balls. No penises or balls.


  1. Alanis Morrisette sing-alongs. Because you know every single word to Jagged Little Pill.


  1. Girl talk + reconnecting with women. Around the campfire, around the ice chest, on the quilts, in the tipis…you get the picture.


  1. Getting outside of your comfort zone and forgetting about the everyday hum drum. Seriously ditch that shit, at least one weekend a year.


  1. Because you think you can win the camp competition. Go on with your bad self.


  1. Making new friends. Because it’s hard to do that after you’re not 5.


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